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Certificate for Applied Ethics and Policy

The Certificate for Applied Ethics and Policy (CAEP) is a concurrent certificate that may be completed as part of a student’s elective credit. 

CAEP is designed to prepare undergraduate students from health science, engineering, business, humanities, science, and social science to work together on teams to identify and resolve the ethical, institutional, and policy challenges posed by novel technologies that are highly promising but also potentially socially disruptive. 

The Certificate will recognize students for having gained core subject matter competencies and experience that significantly enhance their ability to work together and communicate effectively as members of such interdisciplinary research teams.

The Certificate comprises 15 units (5 courses total). Four of the courses (12 units) in this sequence of courses will prepare the student for the certificate’s culminating fifth course (3 units), a 4th year seminar (PHILOS 4V03) in which students will work together on interdisciplinary teams to practice application of knowledge.

The 2020 Application Period runs from April 6th to May 10th . See Admission Process for details.

*Students accepted and enrolled in the Justice, Political Philosophy, and Law Honours BA Program are not eligible to apply for the Certificate.