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Philosophy is used to clarify and interpret important concepts such as truth, God, mortality, beauty, knowledge and reality. These concepts play an important role in our self-understanding and our interpretation of the world.

When you study philosophy, you’ll learn about the kind of questions that philosophers ask, and about the many different areas that interest them. These include the theory of knowledge (how we know, and what we know), metaphysics (which considers the understanding of the fundamental nature of things such as the self, the mind, time and space) ethics (the philosophical study of morality), and many others.

Examination of these questions has led philosophers into complicated theories. Studying these questions and theories will help to organize your thinking, improve your communication skills, and teach you to use argument and valid reasoning to arrive at sound conclusions.

Undergraduate Applications

Undergraduates applying to universities in Ontario must do so through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre. You may also wish to consult the prospective students section on the Humanities web site.

Undergraduate Course Offerings

See the complete list of undergraduate course offerings in Philosophy. For more details of undergraduate philosophy courses at McMaster, please see the Philosophy Section of the Undergraduate Calendar.

McMaster University’s Philosopher’s Society

Organized by McMaster’s undergraduate philosophy majors, the Philosopher’s Society works to promote the study of philosophy at McMaster. For more information visit the Philosopher’s Society page.