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Justice, Political Philosophy, & Law Program


slider-sciaraffaCONGRATULATIONS to our very own Dr. Stefan Sciaraffa, for winning the MSU Excellence in Teaching Award 2014-2015.


About the Program

The aim of Justice, Political Philosophy and Law at McMaster University (JPPL) is to foster a sophisticated understanding of the law and legal institutions that make up the social world in which we live and of the political and moral theories that address the value and justice of these institutions. To this end, JPPL offers the student a broad range of courses on law, policy, global politics, political philosophy and moral theory, feminist jurisprudence, human rights, globalization, international law, and war and peace. In addition, the interdisciplinary core of the JPPL, structured around the themes of Policy and Law, Political and Moral Philosophy, and Human Rights and Global Justice, ensures a rich and integrated learning experience to complement the Program’s primary focus. JPPL students will be well-prepared for further studies or careers in law, philosophy, politics, education, human rights or public policy.