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Recent Graduates and Placement Record

Online copies of many of the below theses are available at McMaster’s Digital Commons.

(TT) = tenure track
(T) = tenure


Name Dissertation Title (Supervisor) Placement


Antonio Dos Santos Psychopaths and Moral Responsibility (Dr. Elisabeth Gedge) TBD
Kirk Lougheed Disagreement and Change of View (Dr. Nick Griffin) TBD
Rich Neels Opposites and Explanations in Heraclitus (Dr. Mark Johnstone) TBD


Jeffrey D’Souza Aristotelian Virtue Ethics and the Self-Absorption Objection (Dr. Mark Johnstone) Research Associate, Institute on Ethics and Policy for Innovation,
McMaster University
Maxim Leonov Emergency Governance in Liberal Democracies (Dr. Wilfrid Waluchow)
Sessional Instructor, Department of Philosophy, McMaster University


Michael Hemmingsen Constructing a Global Account of Reason: Discourse, Moral Engagement and Ecological Truth
(Dr. Violetta Igneski)
Assistant Professor, Philosophy, University of Guam
Katharina Stevens (von Radziewsky) Reasoning by Precendent (Dr. Wil Waluchow) Assistant Professor, Philosophy, University of Lethbridge Formerly, Postdoctoral Fellow at NYU School of Law
Margaret O`Brien Charter Review and a Community’s Morality (Dr. Wil Waluchow)
Faculty of Law, University of Toronto


Jennifer Primmer A Somatic-Perceptual Theory of the Emotions
(Dr. Mark Johnstone)
Cognition and Emotion Specialist, Involution Inc.
James Sikkema Virtual Mereology: Power, Affection, and Relation in Spinoza’s Ethics
(Dr. Richard T. W. Arthur)
Assistant Professor, CLA, McMaster University
Forrest Adam Sopuck Reid and Perceptual Acquaintance (Dr. Brigitte Sassen)
Yussif Yakubu Moral Philosophy and the Darwinian Problem of Social Evolution (Dr. Richard T. W. Arthur) Sessional instructor (Logic and Critical thinking) University of Guelph and also Sessional Instructor (Critical thinking) at Trent University
Joanna Zaslow The Feminist Female Slave: Female Submission, Relational Autonomy, and Belonging
(Dr. Elisabeth Gedge)
Education Writer For The Royal College Of Physicians And Surgeons ( Ottawa)


Michael Bennett Deleuze and Ancient Greek Philosophies of Nature (Dr. Barry Allen) Assistant Professor, CLA, Contemporary Studies and History of Science and Technology, University of King’s College
Geoffrey Callaghan Political Dissent (Dr. Wil Waluchow) SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, McGill University
Charlene Elsby Truth and Non-Existence in Aristotle (Dr. Mark Johnstone) Assistant Professor, Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) (TT)
Ben Hamby The Virtues of Critical Thinkers (Dr. David Hitchcock) Full-Time Lecturer, Coastal  Carolina University
Jessica Murphy Human Agency in Law and Jurisprudence (Dr. Stefan Sciaraffa)


Jordan Burks An Ecological Conception of Human Nature (Dr. Mark Vorobej)
Karl Laderoute Between Modern and Postmodern: Nietzsche on Truth and Knowledge (Dr. Barry Allen) Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Lethbridge
Josh Zaslow Epistemology or Politics? Deweyan Inquiry and the Epistemic Defence of Democracy (Dr. Barry Allen) Web Developer
Haixia Zhong Diagonalization and Logical Paradoxes (Dr. Richard Arthur) Currently working for a Market Research company, Toronto


Patrick Bondy A Philosophical Examination of the Instrumental Conception of the Epistemic Rationality of Human Doxastic States (Dr. David Hitchcock) Assistant Professor, Sessional, Trent University, formerly SSHRC Postdoc at the Sage School of Philosophy, Cornell University
Matthew Grellette Positivism Beyond the Hartian Pale (Dr. Wilfrid Waluchow) Assistant Professor, CLA, McMaster University
Heather Kuiper Understanding Fundamental Secondary Rules and the Inclusive/Exclusive Legal Positivism Debate (Dr. Wilfrid Waluchow) Sessional Lecturer, Rowan University, (Dept. of Philosophy & Religion Studies) New Jersey
Professional Roller Derby Player, Philadelphia
Qilin Li Epistemic Contextualism and Its Problems: A Philosophical Critique (Dr. Nicholas Griffin) Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Peking University (TT)
John-Otto Phillips Administrative Review, Deference, and Authority (Dr. Wilfrid Waluchow)  Lawyer
Adam Riggio An Ecological Philosophy of Self and World: What Ecocentric Morality Demands of the Universe (Dr. Barry Allen) Ethics and English Instructor, Cestar College of Business, Health and Technology, Toronto.
Fábio P. Shecaira >Legal Scholarship as a Source of Law (Dr. Wil Waluchow) Instructor (TT)
Faculty of Law
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


Michael Bruder The Time of Our Lives: Aristotle on Time, Temporal Perception, Recollection, and Habituation (Dr. Spiro Panagiotou & Dr. Mark Johnstone) Sessional Lecturer, Trent University
Jolen Galaugher Russell’s Philosophical Approach to Logical Analysis (Dr. Nicholas Griffin) Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Iowa


Duncan Maclean The Metaphysics of Probabilistic Laws of Nature
(Dr. Brian Garrett)
Mount Royal University
Jeremy Proulx The Provocations of Nihilism: Practical Philosophy and Aesthetics in Jacobi, Kant, and Schelling (Dr. Brigitte Sassen) Full Time Lecturer, Department of History and Philosophy, Eastern Michigan University


David Campbell Democracy After the Charter (Dr. Wil Waluchow) Ethicist at South East Community Care Access Centre Bancroft Ontario
Sheldon Hanlon Levinas, Singularity, and The Restless Subject
(Dr. Diane Enns)
David Rondel Equality as Democracy: Reconstructing Liberal Egalitarianism (Dr. Barry Allen) Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Nevada at Reno (TT)


Claudia Emerson Private Interests in the Public Domain:Privacy and Confidentiality in Observational Health Research (Dr. Elisabeth Gedge) Associate Professor, McMaster University and Director, Program on Ethics & Policy for Innovation
Gülberk Koç Bertrand Russell’s Bundle Theory of Particulars (Dr. Nicholas Griffin) Assistant Professor, Mount Royal University
Rashmika Pandya From Narcissism to Schizophrenia: The Subject and Method in Jean-Luc Marion, Emmanuel Levinas and Edmund Husserl
(Dr. Brigitte Sassen)
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, American University in Cairo (TT)


Mark Capustin Framing Political Deliberation in Circumstances of Disagreement
(Dr. Wil Waluchow)
Sessional Instructor,  University of Saskachewan
Christopher Maddocks Law as Language Game:A Reply to Professor Waldron (Dr. Wil Waluchow) Permanent Faculty, Niagara College


Colin Koopman Requiem for the Politics of Certainty:Pragmatism, Democracy, and Hope (Dr. Barry Allen) Assistant Professor, University of Oregon (TT)
Stefan Rodde The Role of Dialectics in Aristotle’s Conception of Science
(Dr. David Hitchcock)
York University (TT), formerly CLA McMaster University


Michael Giudice Contingent Relations and Philosophy of Law
(Dr. Wil Waluchow)
Associate Professor of Philosophy,
York University
Elizabeth Skakoon Artifactual Ecology (Dr. Barry Allen) Foreign Professor in Language Education Center,Cheongju University,Korea


Brian Burge-Hendrix Epistemic Uncertainty and Legal Theory (Dr. Wil Waluchow) Professor and Faculty Tutor in Humanities,
Quest University (TT)
David Godden Psychologism, Semantics, and the Subject Matter of Logic (Dr. Nicholas Griffin) Assistant Professor of Philosophy,
Michigan State University (TT)


Jonathan Breslin A Care-Based Model of the Physician-Patient Relationship
(Dr. Elisabeth Gedge)
Assistant Professor,
Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation,
University of Toronto
Karl Darcy Otto The Likeness Regress: Plato’s Parmenides 132c12-133a7
(Dr. David L. Hitchcock)
Humanities Tutor,
Quest University Canada




Daren Jonescu Human Thinking and the Active Intellect in Aristotle (Dr. Spiro Panagiotou) Instructor of English Language and Philosophy, Changwon National University, South Korea
Joe Murray Liberal Cultural Coercion (Dr. Evan Simpson) Principal and Lead Consultant, Joseph Murray & Associates (JMA) Consulting
Jason Robert Taking Development Seriously: Toward a Genuinely Synthetic Biology (Dr. Barry Allen) Associate Professor, Bioethics and Philosophy of the Life Sciences,
Arizona State University
James Steeves Imagining Bodies with Merleau-Ponty (Dr. Jeff Mitscherling) Intermediate Communications Teacher,
Peel District School Board
* Note: there were no graduates in these years.