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Recent M.A. Graduates and Placement Information

Online copies of many of the theses below are available at McMaster’s Digital Commons.


Name Thesis Title (Supervisor) Placement or Current Profession
(where known)


Gregory Cain Justifying the Use of Foreign Precedent in Constitutional Cases (Dr. Wil Waluchow) TBD
Daniel (Yoon Sik) Choi Moral Requirements and Partiality (Dr. Violetta Igneski) TBD
William Coke Legitimate Authority and Raz: Consent, Piecemeal Noncompliance, and Abstract Review (Dr. Wil Waluchow) TBD
Rand Hirmiz A Defense of Pure Restitution (Dr. Violetta Igneski) TBD
Marten Kaas An Emergent Cosmos: An Exploration and Defense of the Concept of Emergence (Dr. Sandra Lapointe) PhD Program, University College, Cork, Ireland
Joshua Maurin Making Connections: Investigating the link between Stoic Grammar and Stoic Logic (Dr. Mark Johnstone) TBD
Ryan Mosoff Bio-ownership: Property Theory and Our Separated Biospecimen (Dr. Stefan Sciaraffa) Research Assistant, Institute on Ethics & Policy for Innovation, McMaster University
Bianca Waked

Beyond One’s Own Mastery: On the Normative Function of Hate Speech (Dr. Wil Waluchow)



Safiyya Ahmad Vigilantism in Moral Philosophy (Dr. Wilfrid Waluchow) Law School Program, University of Ottawa
Arjun Bedi Designing Meaning: An Aesthetic Theory of Value (Dr. Barry Allen) TBD
Jonnee-Zarah Cenaiko The Sophist in Plato’s Statesman: an Argument for the Tyrant as the False Imitator of the Statesman (Dr. Mark Johnstone) PhD Program, McMaster University
Zeyad El Nabolsy Hegel’s Conception of the History of Philosophy (Dr. Sandra Lapointe) PhD Program, Cornell University
Sarah Kanko Incompatibilists, Critics, and Living Trees: the compatibility of international law and constitutional democracy (Dr. Wilfrid Waluchow) JD program, University of Toronto Law School
Andrew Lavigne Knowledge of Meaning and Linguistic Communication (Dr. Sandra Lapointe) PhD Program, University of Toronto
Udoka Okafor Transracial Adoption in The United States of America (Dr. Elisabeth Gedge) Law School Program, Columbia University
Christina Rothwell The Constitution of Theseus: An Investigation into the Metaphysics of Constitutional Precommitment (Dr. Wilfrid Waluchow) PhD Program, York University


Tiffany Gordon Racial Profiling and Moral Responsibility for Racialized Crime
(Dr. Diane Enns)
PhD Program , Philosophy, Dalhousie University
Daniel Marijanovic Thinking With and Against Chantal Mouffe For A Defence Of Agnostic Democracy
(Dr. Diane Enns)
PhD Program , Philosophy, McMaster University
 Paul O’Hagan Moral Ignorance and Blameworthiness in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics
(Dr. Mark Johnstone)
PhD Program , Philosophy, McMaster University
Kerry O’Neill The Human Right to Water: Duties and Rights Fulfillment Strategies
(Dr. Zafar Adeel and Dr. Violetta Igneski)
 PhD Program , Ethics and Public Affairs, Carleton University
John Roman Color Ontology and Color Synesthesia
(Dr. Barry Allen)
PhD Program , Philosophy, McMaster University
Samantha Sargent Cyborgification and the Disabled Body
(Dr. Elisabeth Gedge)
University Advancement  in Stewardship & Donor Relations, McMaster University
Marla Sharp


The Self in Crisis: Using Self-Trust to Enhance Therapeutic Practices for Patients with Chronic Suicidal Ideation
(Dr. Elisabeth Gedge)
Research and Quality Manager, Department of Surgery, NYU Langone Health
Madeline VandenBrink The inherent dignity of human need and its justificatory role in human rights
(Dr. Stefan Sciaraffa)


Bev Anger Life Extension and the Domination of the Body (Dr. Elisabeth Gedge) Course Team Leader, Career Professions Dept., Miltan Keynes College, (UK)
Igor Oswoski Judicial Review and Common Law (Dr. Wil Waluchow) JD Program, University of Windsor
Jeff Wyngaarden Inalienability of the Right to Self-Governance (Dr. Wil Waluchow) JD Program, University of Toronto


Matt Coombe Calling The Game In Accordance With Its Tenor: Challenging Formalism,The Sports Adjudication Myth (Dr. Wil Waluchow)
Tano S. Posteraro Toward an Organismic Subjectivity: Affect, Relation, Entanglement (Dr. Barry Allen) PhD Program, Penn State University


Noel S. Iverson Gaussean Equality: A Critical Evaluation of the Free and Equal Ideal in Public Reason Liberalism (Dr. Stefan Sciaraffa)
Harrison W. Lee An Alternative Authorization Institution for Legitimate Humanitarian Intervention (Dr. Stefan Sciaraffa)
Benjamin J. Bouwman Levinas’ Platonic Inspiration (Dr. Diane Enns) JD Program, University of Toronto
Peter W. Casurella Bayesianism and the Existence of God: A Critical Examination of Bayesian Arguments for the Existence of God (Prof. David Hitchcock) PhD Program, Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science
University of Toronto
Daniel Coren The Power of a Paradox: the Ancient and Contemporary Liar (Prof. David Hitchcock) PhD Program, Philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder
Dave Devlaeminck The Human Right to Water and The Responsibility to Protect (Dr. Violetta Igneski) PhD Program, International Water Law Xiamen University, China
Joseph Sneep Bergsonian Metaphysical Undercurrents in Rorty’s Liberal Gradualism (Dr. Barry Allen) Artist
Borna Radnik Politics And Its Double: Deleuze and Political Ontology (Prof. Barry Allen) PhD program Kingston University (London, UK)
Tristan Sibley The Stranger: On Xenophobia (Dr. Diane Enns) Owner, Sprout Resource Development (consulting services for the not for profit sector)
Andrew Pineau Toulmin’s Field-dependency Thesis and the Threat of Relativism (Prof. David Hitchcock) ‎Junior Web Developer at Pink Elephant
Don Oxtoby Hearing Where Things Are (Prof. Sandra Lapointe) PhD Program, Philosophy, Rice University
Colin McQuaid The Nature of Certainty in Wittgenstein’s On Certainty (Prof. Ric Arthur)
William Jacques Fractal Ontology and Anarchic Selfhood: Multiplicitous Becomings (Prof. Diane Enns) PhD Program, Political Science, York University


Zuzanna Chociej The Human Right to Water and Water Security (Prof. Elisabeth Gedge) Junior Analyst at Canada Border Services Agency
Previously employed: Environmental Crimes Unit INTERPOL
Qiang Hao Liberalism, Hermeneutics and the Other (Prof. Barry Allen) PhD program, Philosophy,McMaster University
Jorge Fabra Professor Murphy on Legal Defectiveness (Prof. Wil Waluchow) PhD program, Philosophy, McMaster University
Attila Ataner Kant on Freedom, Property Rights and Environmental Protection (Prof. Stefan Sciaraffa) PhD program, Philosophy, UWO
James Specyal Razian Authority and Law (Prof. Wil Waluchow) Americorps
Max Leonov Legality and the EU (Prof. Wil Waluchow) PhD program, Philosophy,
Shannon Buckley Patient Dignity: the Significance of Relationship (Prof. Elisabeth Gedge) PhD program, Philosophy,University of Guelph
Owen Pikkert Contemporary Challenges to Quinean Ontology (Prof. N. Griffin) PhD program, Philosophy,University of Toronto
Justine Ajandi Suffering, Well-Being and Moral Consideration (Prof. V. Igneski)

Associate Lawyer at Evangelista Barristers & Solicitors


Alexandra T. Earle-Lambert Those Left Behind: Heidegger on Grief and Mourning (Prof. B. Allen) Social Worker at Nova Scotia Health Authority
Dustin Z. Olson Bertrand Russell On Perception and Knowledge (1927 – 59) (Prof. N. Griffin) PhD program, Philosophy, University of Rochester
Corey R.W. Padgett On Nietzsche’s Genealogy of Cruelty (Prof. B. Allen)
Yussif Yakubu Altruism: Analysis of a Paradox (Prof. R. Arthur) Sessional Lecturer (Critical Thinking) McMaster University, and Sessional Lecturer (Logic), University of Guelph
Mazen Zehairi Justice in a Warming World (Dr. E. Gedge) PhD program, Philosophy, UWO


Jessica Bowen Justice and Dependency Work (Prof. Gedge) Office of Human Rights and Diversity, Humber College
Christine Morano The Integrationist Justification and Private Prisons (Prof. Waluchow) Lawyer
Talene Thomasian Law and the Concept of Law – Beyond the Nation-State (Prof. Waluchow) Lawyer
Benjamin Wald Barriers to Self-Rule: Autonomy, Oppression, and Self-trust (Prof. Gedge) PhD program, Philosophy, University of Toronto


Courtney Hamara The Concept of the Rule of Law (Prof. Waluchow) BCL/LLB program,McGill University
Christopher Hinchcliffe The Ownability of Land: Property Rights, Natural Resources and Environmental Protecton (Prof. Waluchow) DPhil program, Law, Balliol College, University of Oxford
Lucy Langston Autonomy, Technology and Prenatal Screening: What a Relational Understanding of Autonomy and a Postphenomenological Model of Technology can contribute to the Ethical Discourse of Prenatal Screening (Prof. Gedge) PhD program, Philosophy, McMaster University
Blair Peruniak Particularism and The Politics of Nature (Prof. Gedge) DPhil at Oxford in International Development
Ian Wright The Mother-in-law of Philosophy: Intuition & Experimental Restrictionism (Prof. Garrett) PhD program, Philosophy, York University


Kyle Bromhall Does He Protest Too Much? James’s Relationship with Hegel (Prof. Allen) PhD program, Philosophy, University of Guelph
Jolen Galaugher A Logical Approach to the Theory of Knowledge: The Epistemological Motivations for Russell’s Pre-1905 Concept of Relations (Prof. Arthur) Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Iowa
Daniel Harris Nietzsche, Rorty, and Enlightenment (Prof. Enns) PhD program, Philosophy, University of Guelph
Frank Jankunis The Philosophy of Miracles (Prof. Gedge) PhD program, Philosophy, University of Calgary
John-Otto Phillips Defining Legitimacy: A Hartian Conception of Judicial Activism (Prof. Waluchow)  Lawyer
Ryan Quinn Becoming-Artwork (Prof. Enns) Lawyer
Dominique Taylor Metaphor and Context (Prof. Allen)
Scott Wisdom The Judgment of Constitutional Morality (Prof. Waluchow)


Mohamad Al-Hakim Liberalism and Minority Rights: The Issue of Faith-Based Arbitration within Liberal Democracies (Prof. Waluchow) Assistant Professor, Florida Gulf Coast University
Alexis Dianda Streams of Thought: The Psychology of William James (Prof. Allen) PhD program, Philosophy, New School for Social Research
Joshua Mildenberger The Law in spite of Itself: An Inquiry into the Tension Between Rights and Legal Obligation in Modern Legal Positivism (Prof. Waluchow) Library Science Program, University of Toronto
James Monier-Williams Hermann Cohen’s Das Prinzip der Infinitesimal-Methode und seine Geschichte (Prof. Arthur) Lawyer
Brian Rogers Onto-Theology Unveiled: Heidegger and Marion on the Intersection of Philosophy and Theology (Prof. Sassen) PhD program, Philosophy, University of Guelph
Alanda Theriault Love and Annihilation: Beauvoir on the Future of Romantic Love (Prof. Enns) Professor of Degree Studies, University Partnership Centre, Georgian College, Barrie


Benjamin Doxtdator Making Cognition: Towards an Evolutionary Philosophy of Human Cognition (Prof. Allen)
Daniel Farr Isocrates the Philosopher (Prof. Hitchcock) Manager, International Marketing & Operations, International & Partnerships, Mohawk College
Matthew Grellette Waldron on Charters of Rights: The Scales of Respect (Prof. Waluchow) Assistant Professor, CLA, McMaster University
Adam Harmer The Actual Infinite: A Leibnizian Perspective on Cantor’s Paradise (Prof. Arthur) Tenure-track Assistant Professor, University of California, Riverside
Oliver Klimek Setting Limits in Healthcare: The Ontario Drug Benefit Program and Accountability for Reasonableness (Prof. Gedge) Research Ethics Officer, Faculty of Health Sciences,
McMaster University
Jayar La Fontaine The Content of Phenomenal States: In Defense of a Mixed Theory (Prof. Garrett) Knowledge Broker for Ontario’s Central Local Health Integration Network
Jessica Murphy Wittgenstein on the Mind-Body Relationship (Prof. LeBlanc)
Patrick Riesterer Lost in the Labyrinth: Spinoza, Leibniz and the Continuum (Prof. Arthur)
Michael Volek Machinic Relations in the Production of Signs (Prof. Enns)
Christopher Johnson Purity and Tragedy: The Insolubility of the Dilemmas Debate (Prof. Gedge) PhD program, Philosophy, University of Alberta
Joseph L’Esperance Conquering Bad Faith:The Moral-Psychological Recognition of Sartre’s Absolute Responsibility (Prof. Sassen)
Jeremy Livingston Spinoza’s Theory of Political Crisis (Prof. Arthur)
Jennifer Potton Procuring Better Care in Long-Term Care Facilities (Prof. Gedge) Member of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mohawk College

More detailed information regarding McMaster’s M.A. Program in Philosophy is available online, or through our M.A. Program Advisor.