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M.A. to Ph.D. Fast-Tracking Policy/Practice

Students in Year 1 of the MA Program may request to be admitted into Year 1 of the Philosophy PhD Program  after completing two terms of the MA Program. Reclassification as a PhD student is normally conditional upon completion of six graduate half-courses with an overall A average, clear evidence of research ability, and the completion of a Major Research Project (MRP) by September 1. Preliminary discussions of a student’s eligibility for reclassification will take place at the time of the student’s first MA supervisory committee meeting in May, after which the MA Advisor will make a recommendation concerning reclassification to the PhD Program Committee (minus the student member). The PhD Program Committee will grant or deny conditional approval at that time. Final approval will be conditional upon satisfactory completion of the MRP, and the availability of a suitable supervisor. Supervisors and 2nd readers of students considered for reclassification will be responsible for assessing the student’s MRP. Students will be officially reclassified following successful completion of the MRP.


The supervisory committee of an MA student requesting reclassification as a PhD student will decide, at the student’s May meeting, on the nature of the MRP with a view to the student’s ongoing research. Examples include a major research paper of 25 to 30 pages or an annotated bibliography. The MRP must be submitted to the student’s MA supervisory committee by August 15, and committee members will submit a grade (Pass/Fail) to the MA Advisor by September 1. Students will be reclassified following successful completion of the MRP.