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International Student Applications

International Student Applicants should be aware that when applying for a study permit or visa, they will be asked to provide evidence that they hold sufficient funds to live on while studying in Hamilton. In our offer letters, McMaster University states that “a reasonable estimate of living expenses, in addition to tuition fees and travel costs to and from McMaster for a graduate student for a 12-month period is about $12,500 for a single person. Health insurance is mandatory for all Visa students and is provided through the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) at a current cost of $624.00 for one person.” For more details about UHIP, please visit, UHIP

Tuition Schedule and Supplemental Fees

The Tuition Schedule and Supplemental Fees Rates at McMaster University can be found in the Graduate Calendar, section 5.1, here.  The 2018 – 2019 rates for International Students are detailed below. These are a sample of the tuition one can expect.  Tuition rates are not determined until the spring.

2018-2019 Schedule of Fees (International)

All Levels       Fall      Winter     Spring      Total
Regular Tuition Fees    2,336.00     2,336.00    2,336.00    7,008.00
Part-time Fees    1,168.00     1,168.00    1,168.00    3,504.00
Discounted Fees (Ph.D. Only)    1,168.00     1,168.00    1,168.00    3,504.00

Mandatory Supplemental Fees (Full time):

Sept.  2018   Jan.  2019   May.  2019
Total      997.06      773.64      141.16