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Graduate Course Outlines for 2015-2016

Term 1:  Graduate Timetable

  • 6A03    Early Modern Philosophy (Dr. B. Sassen) Term One – Outline (PDF)
  • 6D03   20th C Analytic Philosophy (Dr. J. Heis) Term One – Outline (PDF)
  • 754      Selected Topics in Kant (Dr. S. Lapointe) Term One – Outline (PDF)
  • 756      Deleuze (Dr. B. Allen) Term One – Outline (PDF)
  • 759      Sel. Tops. in Applied Ethics (Dr. E. Gedge) Term One – Outline (PDF)
  • 762      Topics in Metaphysics (Dr. N. Griffin) Term One – Outline (PDF)
  • 743A   PhD Research Seminar (Dr. B. Sassen) Term One

Term 2:  Graduate Timetable

  • 6C03   Phil of Constitutional Law (Dr. W. Waluchow) Term Two – Outline (PDF)
  • 6B03    Theory of Value (Dr. D. Enns) Term Two – Outline (PDF)
  • 750     Advanced Topics in Ancient Philosophy: Aristotle`s Politics (Dr. M. Johnstone) Term Two – Outline (PDF)
  • 764     Topics in Social and Political (Dr. V. Igneski) Term Two – Outline (PDF)
  • 771      Topics in Philosophy of Science (Dr. R. Arthur) Term Two –Outline (PDF)
  • 743B   PhD Research Seminar  (Dr. B. Sassen) Term Two