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Graduate Courses

The Department of Philosophy regularly offers graduate seminars in each of the following areas: the history of Western philosophy, theoretical and applied ethics, the philosophy of language, logic and science, epistemology and metaphysics. The full listing of our courses can be found in the Graduate Calendar.

Each year we offer a variety of seminars so that graduate students are introduced to the most recent scholarship in a range of areas of Philosophy. You may use the links below to determine the course offerings for a particular academic year.

For further details regarding the M.A. and Ph.D. programs, please consult the links on the right.

Timetable for Term 1 and Term 2, 2019-2020

For brief descriptions of all courses offered in 2019-2020, Click here

      Term 1:  (Outlines)

      Term 2:  (Outlines coming later)

  • 6D03 20th Century Analytic Philosophy – Dr. Sandra Lapointe
  • 731 Special Studies in Philosophy – Dr. Barry Allen
  • 743B PhD Seminar – Dr. Mark Johnstone
  • 750 Ancient Philosophy – Dr. Mark Johnstone
  • 755 19th C European Philosophy – Dr. Johannes Steizinger
  • 759 Topics in Applied Ethics – Dr. Ariella Binik
  • 764 Social and Political Philsophy – Dr. Violetta Igneski

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