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Department Life

The Philosophy Department organizes and hosts a variety of conferences of interest to students and visitors. We also regularly invite guest lecturers as part of our visiting speaker series. Visitors in the past have included Richard Rorty, Hans-Georg Gadamer, Jonathan Barnes, John Passmore, Ian Hacking, Hilary Putnam, Joseph Raz, Donald Davidson, and Douglas Hofstadter. In addition, the high level of scholarly research throughout the McMaster community regularly brings high-profile speakers: recently McMaster was host to public lectures by √Čtienne Balibar, Antonio Negri, and Susan Buck-Morss.In addition to conferences and visiting speakers, the department puts on talks and lectures on a weekly basis. These events include department talks by McMaster faculty and graduate students, a bi-weekly Ph.D. Research Seminar, and reading groups including a regularly-recurring Ancient Greek Reading Group.