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A McMaster Philosopher is among the newest Fellows of The Royal Society of Canada. Barry Allen, professor of philosophy, has been elected to the Academy of Arts & Humanities.

March 3: Kathy Behrendt “Mortal Harm and Mortal Fear” Abstract: What do we talk about when we talk about fear of death? Contemporary philosophers of death don’t talk much …..

February 3: Joseph Heath (University of Toronto) 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm in MDCL Rm-1016 “A Defence of Stigmatization”

AREA of SPECIALIZATION: Philosophy of Mind/Language and AREAS of COMPETENCE: Open, but must be able to teach at least one of the following: political philosophy; philosophy of law; ancient philosophy; environmental philosophy; or feminist philosophy.

November 18: Samantha Brennan (Western University) “Ethics and our Early Years. Making Decisions for children as if childhood really mattered.”

Carla Fehr – Visiting Speaker

November 11: Carla Fehr (University of Waterloo) “Exploitation, Flourishing, and Epistemic Diversity”