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“Does moral thought and language have representational purport?” June 23–25, 2017, Vancouver, BC. Jointly sponsored by the Canadian Journal of Philosophy, the philosophy departments at UBC & McMaster University, and SSHRC.

March 31: Carolyn Korsmeyer “Relics, Remnants, and Scrap: In Pursuit of the Genuine” Abstract: Many people testify to the thrill of encounters with ancient sites or with artifacts that have survived from the past….

March 24: Aude Bandini “Willful Ignorance and individual responsibility” Abstract: There are numerous cases in which one seems to acquire or stick to beliefs even though they are blatantly ill-founded or …

March 17: “Coordinated Pluralism as a Means to Facilitate Integrative Taxonomies of Cognition” Abstract: The past decade has witnessed a growing awareness of conceptual and methodological hurdles within the contemporary mind-brain sciences ….

The department invites applications for a Visiting Professorship in Russell & the History of Early Analytic Philosophy, 2017-2018. McMaster University, which houses the Bertrand Russell Archives & the Bertrand Russell Research Centre, is one of the leading centres for research on Russell’s philosophy.

March 10: “Frege, Cohen, and the Issue of Origins: An Early Parting of the Ways” Abstract: With the recent increase of interest in the relationship between analytic philosophy and other philosophical traditions, several writers have …