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“Disagreement, Deep Time, and Progress in Philosophy”

Abstract: The recent literature in the epistemology of disagreement examines the question of how one ought to respond to awareness of epistemic peer disagreement about her belief that P….

“On what there is, what there isn’t, and none of the above” 

Abstract: It is a philosophical commonplace that logic and metaphysics have been closely related disciplines “from the beginning.”  The close relationship has survived…..

October 27:  Doreen Fraser (University of Waterloo) 3:30 to 5:00 pm in DSB/B107 “The non-miraculous success of formal analogies in physics” Abstract: When physicists develop a successful new theory, philosophers often infer that the new theory is approximately true in some respects. This is the core intuition of scientific realism, captured by the ‘no miracles’ argument:  that success…

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The 2017 Ontario Legal Philosophy Partnership Philosophy of Law Conference “BEYOND THE STATE – Governance, Legality, and Political Morality” takes place Thursday, September 28 to Sunday, October 1, 2017 (Burlington, Ontario).

“Davidson’s Treatment of Wittgenstein’s Rule-Following Paradox” Abstract: The aim of this paper is first to show that Wittgenstein and Davidson both argue for semantic non-reductionism, the rejection of any account of meaning that does not invoke semantic notions, in similar ways …

NEW LOCATION DSB-B107 … “Monads as Constituents of Bodies in Leibniz’s Metaphysics” Abstract: One of the enduring puzzles about Leibniz’s metaphysics is how Leibniz could claim that monads, understood as immaterial, could constitute the material bodies of experience.

“Muses, Fluffers, and the Curse of Satisfaction” Abstract: Plato was perhaps the first but certainly not the last philosopher to take a dim view of desire. Lust, in particular, offers a model of desire reducible, in Shakespeare’s famous phrase, to ‘expense of spirit in a waste of shame’