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“Is Kant’s Critique of Metaphysics Obsolete?”

Abstract: In the Critique of Pure Reason Kant took himself to have shown that metaphysics of a certain kind is impossible for human beings……

“Transitional Justice and the International Rule of Law”

Abstract: Societies emerging from periods of conflict or repression and trying to democratize characteristically try to address past wrongs…..

“A Behavioural Metaphysics for Social Institutions”

Abstract: It is a commonplace observation that social institutions are deeply dependent on humans. That is, the existence of social institutions such as the government of Canada….

“The ‘best system’: Descartes on natural sensory error and God’s goodness”

Abstract: Immediately following Descartes’s statement in Meditation Six about the “proper purpose” of sensations, Descartes recognizes a serious problem…..

“On Architectonic Questions in Political Philosophy”
Abstract: A storied question in political philosophy queries whether the citizens of contemporary states are bound by a duty to obey the state. …..

Area of specialization: Value Theory and Areas of competence: Open. The department is particularly interested in candidates with research and teaching interests in applied ethics and feminist philosophy.

December 1:  François Tanguay-Renaud (York University) 3:30 to 5:00 pm in DSB/B107 “Policing Necessity” Abstract: to follow To view the full roster of speakers, please visit our Speaker Series page.  

“Plato’s Phaedo: Are the Philosophers’ Pleasures of Learning Pure?”

Abstract: My question in this paper is whether the philosophers’ pleasures of learning in the Phaedo are pure of pain……