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23 October: Matt Bedke (UBC)

“Moral Nonnaturalism as a Moral Liability”

Abstract: There is a new argument against moral non-naturalism. It sets to one side worries about adding sui generis extras to our ontology, and epistemic doubts about accessing that realm. Instead, it focuses on moral non-naturalism as a moral liability. The main thrust is that it is morally objectionable to be poised to alter your normative beliefs—beliefs about what matters and the cares, concerns and treatments that go with it—to conform to the dictates of a non-natural realm. One should not leave one’s first order views hostage to the patterns of a non-natural realm. Here, I press this argument and respond to a recent line of reply from David Enoch: moral non-naturalism is junk knowledge, and it cannot be used to draw conclusions about normative matters.

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