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Undergraduate Course

Term 1

Fall 2018

Course Course Name
1A03 Philosophical Texts
1B03 Philosophy Law & Society
2CT3 Critical Thinking
2D03 Bioethics
2N03 Business Ethics
2Q03 Justice, Political Philosophy & Law
2S03 History of Political Philosophy (for PHIL)
2X03 Early Modern I
2YY3 Introduction to Ethics
3CC3 Advanced Ethics
3EE3 Contemporary Continental Phiosophy
3Q03 Philosophy of Law
3VV3 Kant
3YY3 Hegel
4A03 Early Modern Philosophy
4B03 Seminar in Ethics
4C03 Philosophy of Constitutional Law
4K03 Seminar in Ancient Philosophy
4Q03 Normative Jurisprudence
4XP3A Law and Community

Term 2

Winter 2019

Course Course Name
1B03 Philosophy Law & Society
1E03 Philosophical Questions
2B03 Introductory Logic
2E03 Chinese Philosophy
2G03 Social/Political Issues
2P03 Ancient Greek
2S03 History of Political Philosophy
2XX3 Early Modern II
3E03 Philosophy of Language
3HH3 Metaphysics
3I03 Philosophy & Feminism
3N03 Political Philosophy
3O03 Theory of Knowledge
3ZZ3 Aristotle
4B03 Seminar in Ethics
4D03 20th Century Analytic
4F03 Issues in Continental Philosophy
4Q03 Normatice Jurisprudence
4S03 Human Rights and Global Justice
4XP3B Law and Community

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