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NEW LOCATION DSB-B107 … “Monads as Constituents of Bodies in Leibniz’s Metaphysics” Abstract: One of the enduring puzzles about Leibniz’s metaphysics is how Leibniz could claim that monads, understood as immaterial, could constitute the material bodies of experience.

“Muses, Fluffers, and the Curse of Satisfaction” Abstract: Plato was perhaps the first but certainly not the last philosopher to take a dim view of desire. Lust, in particular, offers a model of desire reducible, in Shakespeare’s famous phrase, to ‘expense of spirit in a waste of shame’

“Does moral thought and language have representational purport?” June 23–25, 2017, Vancouver, BC. Jointly sponsored by the Canadian Journal of Philosophy, the philosophy departments at UBC & McMaster University, and SSHRC.

March 31: Carolyn Korsmeyer “Relics, Remnants, and Scrap: In Pursuit of the Genuine” Abstract: Many people testify to the thrill of encounters with ancient sites or with artifacts that have survived from the past….

March 24: Aude Bandini “Willful Ignorance and individual responsibility” Abstract: There are numerous cases in which one seems to acquire or stick to beliefs even though they are blatantly ill-founded or …

March 17: “Coordinated Pluralism as a Means to Facilitate Integrative Taxonomies of Cognition” Abstract: The past decade has witnessed a growing awareness of conceptual and methodological hurdles within the contemporary mind-brain sciences ….