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March 17     Jacqueline Anne Sullivan (Western University)

3:30 pm to 5:00 pm in MDCL Rm-1016

Coordinated Pluralism as a Means to Facilitate Integrative Taxonomies of Cognition

Abstract. The past decade has witnessed a growing awareness of conceptual and methodological hurdles within the contemporary mind-brain sciences that must be addressed for an integrated science of the mind-brain to be possible. In this paper, I evaluate several collaborative knowledge-building initiatives that have emerged as a means to address these obstacles. I make the case that while each initiative provides us with important insights as to how to facilitate taxonomic and explanatory progress in the mind-brain sciences, only a “coordinated pluralism” that incorporates positive aspects of each initiative and codifies them at local and higher social organizational levels in the mind-brain sciences will have the potential for success.


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