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  • Bertrand Russell Society Annual Meeting 2018

    Bertrand Russell Society Annual Meeting 2018, McMaster University, June 22-24, 2018
    100 Years of Philosophy and Political Action

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  • Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy

    The 7th annual conference of the Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy will be held at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, 19-21 June 2018.

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  • McMaster philosopher leads principles on genetic manipulation

    Deliberate modifications to mosquitoes can prevent diseases but ethics and guiding principles for greater transparency are critical.

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  • Tenure-Track position to commence July 1, 2018

    Area of specialization: Value Theory and Areas of competence: Open. The department is particularly interested in candidates with research and teaching interests in applied ethics and feminist philosophy.

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  • Philosophy majors have bright careers ahead

    Graduates of philosophy programs perform better than peers on medicine, law school and other post graduate degree entrance exams.

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  • Multi colored illustration of Leibniz

    11th Annual Conference of the Leibniz Society of North America

    LSNA CONFERENCE 2017 – The Eleventh Annual Conference of the Leibniz Society of North America, co-hosted by the University of Toronto and McMaster University in Toronto on October 13–15, 2017.

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  • BTS … Sept 28 – Oct 1, 2017

    The 2017 Ontario Legal Philosophy Partnership Philosophy of Law Conference “BEYOND THE STATE – Governance, Legality, and Political Morality” takes place Thursday, September 28 to Sunday, October 1, 2017 (Burlington, Ontario).

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  • Congratulations to our 2017 – 2018 Graduate Students

    Another successful year for our graduate students!

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  • Philosopher named Royal Society Fellow

    A McMaster Philosopher is among the newest Fellows of The Royal Society of Canada. Barry Allen, professor of philosophy, has been elected to the Academy of Arts & Humanities.

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    This new program directed by Dr. Claudia Emerson and based in the Department of Philosophy uses cutting-edge research and on-the-ground knowledge to analyse ethics involving global health and development.

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Department of Philosophy

Welcome to the Department of Philosophy at McMaster University, a vibrant, research-oriented department offering courses of study leading to the B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. We embrace a variety of approaches to philosophical study and consider the breadth of our faculty expertise to be one of the advantages of our degree programs. Our research and teaching strengths include both continental and analytical perspectives, legal and political philosophy and ethics as well as epistemology and metaphysics, and strength in the history of philosophy from ancient through modern to twentieth-century thought. Browse our site to find out more about the department and please contact us with any questions you may have.

History of Analytical Philosophy Summer School

Historiography, Methodology, Metaphilosophy

June 30th – July 7th, 2018

What is distinctively philosophical about the history of philosophy, and what makes it distinct from sociology of knowledge, history of science, or intellectual history (if anything)? Does the history of philosophy (and the history of knowledge more generally) yield other types of reasoning or explanation beside reconstructions and narratives? What kinds of philosophical, sociological, and political factors seem to play a role in canon-formation?


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